Xcel Energy plans to Retire Coal Plants, Add Renewables

DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s largest electricity provider wants to retire two coal-fired units a decade early and expand its renewable energy supply.

Xcel Energy said Wednesday it plans to idle the coal-fired units in the city of Pueblo by 2025.
About 80 people work at the two units. Some are expected to retire before the closure, and Xcel says it will try to find jobs in the company for the others.

Xcel’s plan calls for purchasing two existing gas-fired generating plants in Colorado and adding five solar farms and three wind farms. Xcel would also renew its contract to buy power from an existing solar farm.

Xcel says that would mean nearly 55 percent of its Colorado electricity would come from renewables.

Colorado regulators would have to approve the proposals.

Xcel is based in Minneapolis.

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Xcel Energy Plans To Retire Coal Plants, Add Renewables