Financial Incentives


Green State Power offers custom financial pro-forma’s to all of its clients, which demonstrate the expected financial returns expected from each solar system it installs.  Through a combination of State and Federal financial incentives and the savings or sale of electricity generated, solar power is an excellent long-term financial investment with strong returns.

Investing in solar energy not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability to your customers and employees, but it also provides a new revenue source.  With rising energy costs, putting the power of the sun to work for you will protect your bottom line for years to come.

Federal Tax Credit – 26% of system cost (no limit)
Depreciation – over 5 years 

Duke Energy Rebate – 50 cents per watt or $50,000 rebate maximum for nonresidential customers (first come, first serve – not guaranteed)


Similar to commercial incentives, residential customers can claim a federal tax credit after investing in a solar system.

An average-size (6 kW) residential system might seem expensive at approximately $20,000, but with energy savings, rising utility prices and a 26% tax savings in the first year alone, the entire system will pay for itself quickly.  Most home improvements depreciate in value with age, but as electricity prices continue to rise, an energy efficient home and solar panels can increase a home’s value.

Federal Tax Credit – 26% of system cost

Duke Energy Rebate – 60 cents per watt or $6,000 rebate maximum for residential customers (first come, first serve – not guaranteed)


For both Commercial and Residential systems, all solar installations are 80% exempt from property taxes in North Carolina.

NC Property Tax Abatement – 80% exemption on appraised value

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