Solar Farms

If you have land and are interested in using that land as a solar farm, please complete as much of the form linked below as possible and we will get started evaluating whether your property could be turned into a solar farm. Please read below for a brief introduction on solar farming, and what you can expect when looking at using your land for solar.

Ground Mount

  • GSP looks for land both to purchase and lease for solar farms
  • Proximity to transmission lines and/or and utility substation plays a key role
  • Cleared land is preferred but not required (can not be wetlands or other undevelopable land)
  • 100+ acres is minimum, larger 250+ acre tracts near transmission lines ideal

Solar farms can be an attractive business decision for landowners, and also offers sustainable benefits and marketability.


Interested in selling or leasing your land for a solar farm? Please complete as much of the form below as you can and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • Please describe the exact location of the land (ie - "The southwest corner of Jerry Rd and Highway 19 in Selma NC"). Please also use the adjacent map to help identify the correct property, which will help us provide GPS coordinates.
  • Please describe the current condition of the land. Is it clear, wooded, brush, or farmland; is it flat, slightly rolling, or high grade; does it have ponds or lakes; and any other significant information.
  • To connect to the utility company we require 3 phase power lines for projects under 100 acres or high tension transmission lines for projects over 300 acres. There are 2 photos at the bottom of this page with examples of both. 3-phase lines are normal roadside power lines that have a set of 3 parallel wires running across the top crossbar. The other photo has one example of transmission lines, or the higher tension lines, although these can all look different depending on area and voltage. Please describe the closest location where these lines exist. If you are unsure please leave blank and we can work with you to determine their location, however this information must be obtained to determine whether your land can be used for solar.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

3-Phase Power Lines                                                  Transmission Lines