Green State Power signs on to Solar Business Code

Green State Power is a proud member of the NC Sustainable Energy Association.  NCSEA has recently announced a Solar Business Code that serves as a Code of Conduct for commercial and residential installers in the state.  We were happy to contribute our input in drafting this code and were quick to sign on once it was finalized.

We believe in quality workmanship and professional behaviors that maintain honesty and integrity throughout a project.  We want to see solar continue to grow in NC and across the country, especially with commercial installations.  In order to do that, we want our customers to be proud of their solar projects and recommend us to other business owners and potential clients.  If you are are interested in adding solar to your commercial building, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

To view the full NCSEA Solar Business Code, please click here or go to  A preview of the code is included below.

NC Sustainable Energy Association Solar Business Code

The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (“NCSEA”) and its customer-sited
solar members (“Members”) pledge to abide by certain obligations to the public,
consumers, the clean energy industry, and related professions and industries. NCSEA’s
Members agree to conduct business and promote their products and services in a
manner which promotes the public health, safety, and welfare, and contributes to the
advancement of the clean energy industry.

NCSEA and its Members have created the following solar business code (“Code”) to
promote transparency, good faith, fairness, and understanding among NCSEA’s
Members. As part of their membership, NCSEA’s Members agree to abide by this Code,
and comply with any authorized actions by NCSEA to enforce findings made after due