Industrial Centers

Project Details

  • Location – N Wilkesboro NC
  • System Size – 78kW
  • Number of Panels – 279
  • Estimated Annual Production – 108 MWh

Industrial Centers in N Wilkesboro, home of Carolina Heritage Cabinetry, has installed a 78kW system along with a brand new, heat reflective, energy efficient roof.  GSP assisted Industrial Centers in obtaining a REAP grant through the USDA to help fund their project.  One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the strict weight limits set by the structural engineer.  To decrease weight, roof penetrations could have been made for a direct attached system, but in an effort to avoid penetrations and reduce the risk of water intrustion, Green State Power sought to find a solution where penetrations would still not be needed.  With a maximum load of 3 psf and most ballasted racking solutions being 4.5-6 psf, GSP worked closely with a NC based racking manufacturer to design a system and choose a specific solar module which would keep the overall system weight below this limit, which ended up at an amazingly low 2.8 psf!