Residential Solar PV Installation Contractor

GSP: Integrating Solar PV into New Home Construction

Green State Power has recently completed a number of residential solar installs for newly constructed houses in and around Pinehurst, NC. Installing a residential solar array on an existing home is common and is an upgrade that many homeowners are making. But installing the solar array on a home that is under construction can be much easier and less invasive depending on when the solar panels are placed. The installers at Green State Power can take advantage of the exposed framing and structure of the house to make wire runs and electrical connections much simpler which can save the homeowner money and decrease the time it takes for the panels to be installed. Working with the housing developer prior to construction also provides Green State Power with the opportunity to lay out the solar array in a way that maximizes power production while still considering the aesthetics of the panels on the roof.

If you are building a new home and would like to look see if a solar PV installation can work for you, please contact Green State Power with any questions or for a free site evaluation!

24-panel, 6.24kW system

20-panel, 5.0kW system