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NC Ranked No. 1 in Creating Clean Energy Jobs in Q4

In a report released by Environmental Entrepreneurs North Carolina announced more than 10,800 clean energy jobs in 2012, ranked second, behind California, for the greatest number of “green” jobs created in the last year. With respect to the fourth quarter of 2012, North Carolina was the leader in clean energy job creation throughout the country.

North Carolina announced more than 7,600 jobs in the fourth quarter alone, thanks to a major light rail project — by far more than any other state. While the West Coast remains a top region for generating clean energy job announcements, growth in two transportation industries — electric vehicle manufacturing and light rail — has vaulted North Carolina into a top-tier state for clean energy jobs, lifting the entire Southeast along with it.

The Southeast led the country in manufacturing-related clean energy jobs, with more than 13,700 new jobs announced in 2012, accounting for about 80% of the nation’s total. Leading clean energy manufacturing industries include solar, advanced vehicles and wind energy.

While North Carolina is gaining national recognition as a state committed to sustainable energy production, it is imperative that these early successes be followed by even more sustainable development and clean energy job creation. Citizens and business owners of NC should use this positive trend to continue encouraging green practices and clean power production throughout the state, with the hope that even more jobs are created in 2013.