Green State Power in the News

Green State Power Installs Solar on Showcase Home

Green State Power’s work was featured this Sunday in an article in the Winston-Salem Journal.  This Showcase home built by Don Hamrick is one of his many Homes by Hamrick which use 35 to 50% less energy than similar homes.  In addition to being energy efficient and utilizing passive solar to provide 30% of the homes heat, he teamed with Green State Power to design and install a solar PV system to generate approximately all of the homes other electric needs.

“With such a small appetite for energy, we don’t need acres of solar modules to produce enough power for this house,” said Will Stewart, President of Green State Power.

GSP was excited to partner with Don Hamrick and Danny Gough to provide solar power for this home.  As Don put it, “It is hard to describe the feeling when you know that every light in the house is on and two air conditioners and running full blast, but the Duke Power meter isn’t moving.”