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Farmers Grow Profits with a New Crop: Solar Panels

Farmers and land owners throughout North Carolina are starting to fully realize the financial and environmental benefits of solar installations on their property. Many farmers are supplementing their annual income by leasing portions of their land to solar installers throughout the state.

In an article republished by the News & Observer, author Sammy Fretwell reveals the financial and environmental benefits of solar farms through North Carolina.

Unlike many other Southern states, North Carolina has encouraged the development of solar power through generous tax incentives and a state law requiring electric utilities to use some renewable energy. These policies are a key reason North Carolina often rates high in national rankings of solar-friendly states – and why solar farms are growing steadily.

“This shows we are progressive,” said Thomas Parker, mayor of Laurinburg, whose community has a solar farm similar to the ones in nearby Rowland. “Any time we can add a dollar to the tax base, we are interested. I believe in it. I think this will be more prevalent in the future.”

Green State Power is currently developing solar farms throughout North Carolina, just like the ones mentioned in the article. With an abundance of available land in rural portions of the state, and the financial incentives offered through state tax rebates, North Carolina is primed to become one of the leading producers of solar power in the country. If you have land and would be interested in leasing it for a solar farm please contact us! Or if you would like to invest in a solar farm please contact us! As land owners continue to take advantage of these profitable opportunities, Green State Power is leading the way to a more sustainable balance between North Carolina’s rich agricultural history and the security of local and renewable power production.