Solar Farms


If you have land and are interested in using that land as a solar farm, please complete as much of the form linked below and we will get started evaluating whether your property could be turned into a solar farm. Please read below for a brief introduction on solar farming, and what you can expect when looking at using your land for solar.

  • GSP looks for land both to purchase and lease for solar farms
  • Proximity to 3 phase power lines and utility substation plays a key role
  • Cleared land is preferred but not required (can not be wetlands or other undevelopable land)
  • 35+ acres is typical, large 400+ acre tracts near transmission lines also sought

Solar farms can be an attractive business decision for companies looking for a worthwhile financial investment, and also offers sustainable benefits and marketability.  Most solar installations will pay for themselves in under 5 years and generate healthy profits for years to come.


Solar Farm Request